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Upset Prevention and Recovery Training for ATOs and Flying Instructor

  • All professional flight training delivered after December 2019 must include an element of on-aircraft upset prevention and recovery training (UPRT).  This has now been specified as the FCL.745.A Advanced UPRT course.

  • The Ultimate High Academy participated in the Rule Making Group .0581 on UPRT and was also involved in drawing up the regulatory requirements.

1. Student On- Aircraft Advanced UPRT - View Course Details

  • On-aircraft UPRT is a very specialised form of flight training which requires appropriately qualified and experienced instructors, suitable fully aerobatic aircraft and an approved training syllabus that is fully compliant with all pertinent regulations.  As the UK's leading UPRT provider, the Ultimate High Academy is perfectly placed to deliver this element of the training. 

  • We offer ATOs the option of sending your professional flight students for UPRT at our home base of Goodwood, or can arrange to provide instructors and aircraft at your own base.

2. Introduction to UPRT for Instructors

  • There is currently no formal requirement for flying instructors who teach commercial flying ratings to have undergone a formal UPRT course. However, as the industry has increasingly become aware of the Loss of Control in Flight threat, then Best Practice will likely dictate that commercial FIs have experienced an FCL.745.A Advanced UPRT programme themselves. 

  • The Ultimate High Academy can tailor UPRT programmes for commercial FIs but will normally recommend that the Advanced  on-aircraft UPRT course be attended to ensure that a suitable level of expertise and experience is gained.

3. UPRT.FI - FCL.915(e)- teaching Instructors to become Advanced UPRT FIs

  • Flying instructors who deliver FCL.745.A On-Aircraft Advanced UPRT must be formally qualified. The Ultimate High Academy delivers this demanding training programme to ensure that FIs have the knowledge and skills to safely teach students how to avoid, recognise and recover from flight upsets.

  • Viewed by many as the most challenging sector of professional flight instruction, FIs must be familiar, calm and comfortable with all attitudes inside and outside the normal flight envelope. A building block approach is essential in order to avoid negative transfer of training and to ensure that students progress at the correct rate.

View UPRT.FI Course Details

Please contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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