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On-Aircraft Training for TRIs & TREs

Introduction to On-Aircraft UPRT for TRIs & TREs

- GM1 FCL.905.TRI (b) and AMC1 FCL.930.TRI

We are currently offering heavily discounted half-day taster introductions to UPRT for TRIs and TREs (minimum of 2 students at a time). 


This is effectively a 1 flight abbreviated UPRT course which will:

  • give you a good insight into the effectiveness of the KISS recovery techniques we teach

  • expose you to the full g-range of +2.5G to -1G and some practice of unloading in recoveries to +0.5G

  • allow you to experience the correct ‘light in the seat’ sensation

  • give you a range of upsets that may (depending on the individual) include nose low overbanks and simulated wake turbulence recoveries

There is a short flight brief (this isn’t designed to cover TKI) and safety brief followed by the flight.  Flight time will be around 45-50 minutes - all flights are  be tailored to the individual student, and even pilots susceptible to motion sickness will get a lot out of it.

Please contact us for pricing and availability.

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