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On-Aircraft Training for TRIs & TREs

Introduction to On-Aircraft UPRT for TRIs & TREs

- GM1 FCL.905.TRI (b) and AMC1 FCL.930.TRI

We offer two different On-Aircraft UPRT programmes for TRI/Es. The groundschool is similar - we'll send you around 4 hours of material as prep and pre-study - and constitutes about 3 hours on the day. The main option is whether you have one or two airborne flights:

  • The one flight programme (one hour block time, price £845 incl VAT - half a day) is recommended for pilots who are coming back for periodic refresher training. 

  • The two flight programme (two hours block time, price £1,245 incl VAT - full day) is recommended for those who have never done on-aircraft UPRT and who wish to further enhance their training skills

Both courses will help you to comply with the requirements of GM1 FCL.905.TRI (b) and AMC1 FCL.930.TRI, and probably more importantly will ensure that you are able to deliver high quality UPRT programmes in the Sim!  They will:

  • give you a good insight into the effectiveness of the KISS recovery techniques we teach

  • expose you to the full g-range of +2.5G to -1G and some practice of unloading in recoveries to +0.5G

  • allow you to experience the correct ‘light in the seat’ sensation

  • give you a range of upsets that may (depending on the individual) include nose low overbanks and simulated wake turbulence recoveries

Please contact us for availability.

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