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The UK's Leading Flight Safety Academy

Goodwood Aerodrome, Chichester, West Sussex PO18 0PH, UK

Tel: +44 1243 913 916




On-Aircraft, Flight Simulator & Academic UPRT delivered by the UK's Leading UPRT Provider

UPRT – Upset Prevention and Recovery Training UK

Located at Goodwood aerodrome, within easy reach of London, the Ultimate High Academy delivers standardised, turnkey and bespoke academic, on-aircraft and FSTD UPRT programmes across the full range of aviation sectors. More details on our courses can be found here. We have worked with a variety of Airlines, ATOs and Commercial and Business Operators to materially enhance crews’ ability to avoid, recognise and recover from Flight Upsets resulting from LOC-I. We deliver Academic, On-Aircraft and Flight Simulator based UPRT, including ‘Train the Trainer’ programmes. Our UPRT training courses have been critically acclaimed by our clients and our Regulator.

UK Safety Training courses for the Aviation Sector

All our UPRT courses are in full compliance with all regulatory requirements but our aim is always to focus on genuine improvements in Flight Safety rather than meeting regulatory minima. Our extremely experienced Instructor team ensures that the focus of our training is predicated on our strong belief as operators in 'Keeping It Simple' whilst helping delegates to develop a variety of mitigating strategies and recovery techniques to deal with Flight Upsets that results in the development of genuine pilot resilience.

We run UPRT courses in the UK for all aviation sectors.  Choose your aviation sector to find the right UPRT course for you.

The Ultimate High Academy - UK Industry leading UPRT course delivery specialists

Our UPRT instructors are highly experienced former military and senior commercial pilots providing specialised Upset Prevention and Recovery Training across the whole range of aviation in the UK. We have been actively involved in helping drive the industry to address the challenges arising from Loss Of Control In Flight, including being the only UK Flying School to participate in the EASA Rule Making Group on UPRT. Read more about our involvement and accolades.