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Recurrent UPRT

Ultimate High Academy - Upset Prevention and Recovery Refresher Courses

All safety related flight training should be revisited regularly and the critical skills associated with UPRT should be treated in exactly the same way, as all skills degrade if not practised.  Typically UPRT delegates will return for a one day recurrent training session every 12 to 24 months. 

Please contact us for pricing and availability.  ​

Recurrent training can be tailored to the requirements of individual organisations but will be one day and typically comprise the following:

Academic UPRT Refresher Training

  • Review of UPRT fundamentals – AoA and stalling, Unusual Position Recovery, High Level aerodynamics

  • Review of Human Factors and Situational Awareness – the theory and the reality

  • Review of updated case studies and methodologies

  • Review of delegate aircraft Upset Recovery methodologies

On-Aircraft UPRT Refresher Training

​One flight in the T67M260, with the option of a second flight in the T67M260 or Extra 300.  All of the On-Aircraft training covered in the Advanced UPRT package is reviewed in the air. The option of flying two missions is often more comfortable for delegates and allows the opportunity to practise a greater number of Flight Upset scenarios.

Available for delegates who have completed our on-aircraft Advanced UPRT packageContact us for prices.


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