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Ultimate High Academy - Upset Prevention and Recovery Course for FIs - FCL.915(e)

Aim of the UPRT.FI course – Training to deliver Advanced UPRT course - aeroplanes

The primary aim of the Train the UPRT Trainer (UPRT.FI) course is to qualify Flying Instructors ("TI's") to deliver the Advanced on-aircraft UPRT course FCL.745.A. On completion of the course TI's will be issued with a certificate of course completion and the Head of Training (HT) will enter the FCL.915(e) privilege in the TI's  logbook.      

Instructors wishing to give Basic UPRT instruction as part of the CPL / ATPL / MPL aeroplane training course do not require any specific qualification, but
Instructors wishing to teach on the Advanced UPRT course (FCL.745.A) must be qualified in accordance with FCL.915(e) which and must
complete a UPRT instructor training course at an ATO such as Ultimate High Academy.

UPRT instructor course in accordance with Part FCL:

FCL.915(e), AMC1 FCL.915(e), AMC2 FCL.915(e), GM1 FCL.915(e), AMC1 FCL.915(e)(2)


Prior to completing the UPRT instructor course the TI shall:

  • have complied with FCL.915(b) – this requires candidates to be qualified on the type they use to deliver UPRT. The UH course therefore does not include conversion to, or signoff on, the T67.

  • have at least 500 hours of flight time as pilot of aeroplanes, including 200 hours of flight instruction

  • within 6 months preceding the start of the course, should have completed a pre-course assessment with an instructor holding the privilege in accordance with FCL.915(e)(1) to assess their ability to undertake the course

In addition to the above requirements it is recommended that candidates either hold an aerobatic rating for aeroplanes or have equivalent experience. It should be noted that Ultimate High’s experience is that candidates absolutely MUST hold an AR as a minimum, and ideally will have some aerobatic instructional experience as well.

For successful course completion the TI should be able to demonstrate competence in:

  1. Briefing the UPRT syllabus exercises

  2. Demonstrating the theoretical knowledge of the UPRT exercises
  3. Delivering the in-flight exercises safely and effectively

  4. Identifying common student errors

  5. Demonstrating effective intervention skills that maintain safety

  6. Assessing and debriefing student performance in UPRT recovery techniques

Theoretical Knowledge Training

There are 7 hours of theoretical knowledge instruction on the UPRT.FI course. The subjects are given below:

  1. Completion of a flight risk assessment

  2. Resilience-building strategies, managing startle and surprise

  3. The limitations and type-specific characteristics of the aeroplane used for training

  4. The importance of adhering to the scenarios that have been validated by the training programme developer

  5. Instructor techniques to induce and manage startle and surprise

  6. Upset recognition and recovery strategies

  7. Disorientation

  8. Distraction

  9. Immediate recognition of student pilot errors

  10. Intervention strategies

  11. Delivery of the theoretical knowledge instruction of the advanced UPRT course

The theoretical knowledge training shall be integrated with the flight training so that the maximum benefit is gained from time spent in the air

Flight Training

There are 4 hours of dual instruction on the UPRT.FI course. The flight exercises are given below:

  1. Recovery from nose high upsets at various bank angles

  2. Recovery from nose low upsets at various bank angles

  3. Recovery from spiral dive

  4. Recovery from stall event

  5. Recovery from incipient spin

  6. Demonstration of ability to Recover from all spin types, including Accelerated, Flat & Inverted (GM1 FCL.915(e))

The flight training shall be integrated with the theoretical knowledge training so that the maximum benefit is gained from time spent in the air.

Ultimate High's UPRT.FI course is normally delivered over 2-3 days through 4-5 flights (see below).  There are no examinations associated with the course, however the TI will be required to demonstrate a safe and effective level of competence in the delivery of UPRT exercises. The candidate will be continuously assessed in accordance with AMC2 FCL.915(e) and AMC1 FCL.920(b). Should the TI not demonstrate the Competencies required then additional flight time may be required.

UPRT.FI Flight Profiles

  1. UPRT Fundamentals - Stalling, UPs, Spiral Dive, Incipient Spin, Full Spin. Limitations of aircraft. (Covers pre-course assessment requirements)

  2. Delivering stall recognition and recovery, basic and advanced – academic with various power settings, accelerated, slipping and skidding. Recognition of student errors. Handover of controls and timely intervention strategies. Instructor induced startle and distraction.

  3. Delivering UP recognition and recovery, basic and advanced – nose high speed low/high, nose low speed low/high, overbanks, trim runaways. Dealing with disorientation. Resilience building strategies.

  4. Delivering Incipient spin and spiral dive recognition and recovery. Non-intuitive recoveries. Variation of teaching styles. Adherence to validated scenarios.

  5. Demonstration of competence to recover from aggravated and inverted spins in Extra 300L.  (EASA have confirmed that TIs must demonstrate competency in these recoveries).

UPRT Training Syllabus


Different organisations will deliver the FCL.745.A course in various different ways. The FCL.915(e) course will ensure that the essential syllabus requirements are covered. Should organisations choose to utilise the substantial IP developed by the Ultimate High Academy over the last ten years of delivering this training and wish to licence our industry leading programme then this can be considered. 


​On successful completion of the UPRT.FI course the instructor will be been issued with a course completion certificate and the instructor's logbook will be endorsed by the ATO Head of Training detailing the FCL.745.A privileges.





ICAO Doc 10011 Manual on Aeroplane Upset Prevention and Recovery Training First Edition 2014

FAA AC 120-111 Upset Prevention and Recovery Training

ICAO AUPRTA Airplane Upset & Prevention Recovery Training Aid, Revision 3.0

Commission Regulation (EU) No 1178/2011 AMC and GM




The UPRT instructor privileges for the Advanced UPRT course shall only be exercised if instructors have, during the last year, received refresher training at an ATO during which the competence required to instruct on the Advanced UPRT course is assessed to the satisfaction of the Head of Training.


Refresher Training for UPRT Instructional Privileges


The objective of the refresher training is for the instructor to maintain or to re-obtain, as applicable, the level of competence required for instructing on the Advanced UPRT course.

The content of the refresher training shall:

(a) consist of elements from the initial UPRT instructor training course

(b) be determined by the ATO on a case-by-case basis, considering the needs of the individual instructor and taking into account the following factors:

     (i) the experience of the instructor

     (ii) the amount of time elapsed since the instructor provided instruction on the Advanced UPRT course for the last time

     (iii) the performance of the instructor during a simulated UPRT training session comprising exercises from the Advanced UPRT course. During this

     simulated training session, another instructor qualified in accordance with FCL.915(e) should play the role of the student on the Advanced UPRT course

(c) take into account the factors listed in (b) above, the ATO may also count the simulated training session in (b)(iii) above as refresher training without the

     need for further refresher training sessions, provided that the instructor demonstrates that he or she already possesses the required level of competence

(d) be entered in the instructor's logbook and should be signed by the Head of Training of the ATO.

Requirements for Instructors providing UPRT Instructor Training

(a) Instructors holding the UPRT instructor privilege may act as instructors on the UPRT instructor course, provided that they:

      (i) have 25 hours of flight instruction experience on the Advanced UPRT course

      (ii) have completed an assessment of competence for this privilege

      (iii) comply with the recency requirements (see Recency)

(b) These privileges shall be entered in the instructor's logbook and signed by the examiner.