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Goodwood Aerodrome, Chichester, West Sussex PO18 0PH, UK

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The Ultimate High Academy - UPRT - Courses Overview & Availability

Below is a summary of the main On-Aircraft and Academic UPRT courses that we provide.  More details on each course can be found listed under the

"UPRT - Courses" drop-down menu above or the links within the tables below.  Our courses take place at Goodwood Aerodrome located close to London, although sometimes during the winter months they are based at Solent Airport (near Portsmouth) if Goodwood is closed due to waterlogging (it is grass).

Courses normally take place Monday-Wednesday each week, and continue into the Thursday/Friday if there are delays for any reason (eg the weather).  We sometimes do additional courses Thursday-Saturday inclusive, usually at short notice.  We are closed on Sundays.

We currently have very limited availability over the next couple of months due to a very high level of bookings, but please enquire to double check in case there are cancellations.

UPRT - Academic Courses

A fully comprehensive UPRT programme requires a fully integrated approach. Any training should ideally provide the pilot with the tools and training required to avoid getting into a Flight Upset situation in the first place, and also ensure recognition of the Upset condition at the earliest possible opportunity.  


It is only if these two layers of protection fail that the pilot should need to exercise Flight Upset recovery skills.  The mantra of our on-aircraft UPRT programme is therefore AVOID – RECOGNISE – RECOVER.

Our fully integrated UPRT programme contains the following components:

  • Knowledge-based training to equip flight crews with the knowledge and awareness needed to understand the threats to safe flight and the mitigating strategies;

  • On-aircraft training in suitably capable aeroplanes conducted by appropriately qualified instructors to develop the knowledge, awareness and experience of aeroplane upsets and unusual attitudes, and how to apply correct recovery techniques; and

  • Flight Simulator Training Device (FSTD) training on specific or representative aeroplane types to build on knowledge and experience, and apply these to the multi-crew CRM environment, at all stages of flight.  


It is widely acknowledged that Flight Simulators (FSTDs) are highly capable training aids, but any education programme must recognise their limitations, which is not always the case. The underlying FSTD flight models are not accurate during the approach and development of many Flight Upset situations and will therefore not offer a realistic training environment. Similarly it is widely accepted that FSTDs cannot generate the same movement and G-force cues that will be experienced in the real aircraft. And most importantly, a FSTD will not generate the same ‘startle’ or ‘fear’ factor that pilots encounter during a genuine Flight Upset situation. 


For these reasons any comprehensive UPRT solution MUST include an appropriate element of on-aircraft training. 


Choose the best UPRT course for your aviation sector.