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ABOUT US - Ultimate High Academy


The Ultimate High Academy - Approved Training Organisation GBR.ATO-0494

  • Ultimate High is the longest established UPRT school in Europe. We were selected by the CAA to represent the UK on the EASA Loss Of Control Rule Making Group and helped to write the requirements for FCL.745.A on-aircraft UPRT and FCL. 915(e) (UPRT FI) which became mandatory in December 2019.

  • Our expertise is recognised throughout the Industry and we are the only UK ATO to have been invited to present on UPRT at conferences throughout Europe including the EASA Safety Conference in Luxemburg, the International Flight Crew Training Conference at the RAeS, the European Airline Training Symposium in Berlin, the International Symposium on Pilot Startle and Surprise in Soesterberg, Netherlands, and many more.

  • Professional organisations like Boeing, Rolls-Royce, the AAIB, 2excel, easyJet and several National Aviation Authorities have selected us as their UPRT provider.

If you want the best instruction possible from experienced specialists who care about making our students as safe as possible, whilst tailoring the training to individual students, then come to us.

Europe's Industry Leader in UPRT

  • Widely regarded as the leading aerobatic and formation training school in the UK, The Ultimate High Academy has increasingly been recognised as Europe's industry leader in UPRT. Having passionately campaigned for improved training standards to address commercial aviation’s largest cause of fatalities, Loss of Control in Flight, we were selected to represent the UK on EASA’s Rule Making Group on UPRT and helped to write the regulations.

  • We are regularly invited to present on UPRT at a variety of leading Flight Safety events, including:

    • the prestigious International Flight Crew Training conference at the RAeS (three times),

    • the EASA Flight Safety Conference in Luxembourg

    • the GAPAN Technical and Air Safety Committee

    • the FLYER Professional Flight Training Exhibition

    • the European ATO Symposium.   

  • In 2019 we presented at the International Symposium on ‘Pilot Startle and Surprise’ at the TNO in the Netherlands, and also presented on UPRT at Europe's largest and most influential Airline Industry event, the European Airline Training Symposium in Berlin.  

On-Aircraft, Academic and Flight Simulator UPRT

  • We deliver standardised and bespoke on-aircraft, FSTD UPRT and academic programmes across a wide variety of aviation sectors.  An overview of our courses can be found here.

  • All of our UPRT services are in full compliance with all regulatory requirements but go substantially beyond the minimum requirements.

  • Our extremely experienced Instructor team ensures that the focus of our training is predicated on our strong belief as operators in ‘Keeping It Simple’ whilst helping delegates to develop a variety of mitigating strategies and recovery techniques to deal with Flight Upsets that results in the development of genuine pilot resilience.

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