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UPRT - FCL.745.A


On-Aircraft UPRT - FCL.745.A

Only on a real aeroplane is it possible to expose delegates to the physiological and psychological impacts of Flight Upsets in realistic scenarios.  The importance of doing this for real cannot be overemphasised.  Note that this is NOT an aerobatic instruction programme; whilst light agile aircraft are used, the objective is to expose delegates to all aspects of the flight envelope such that they have a far higher chance of recovering their aircraft should they be unfortunate enough to find themselves in a Flight Upset.

Before the start of any UPRT programme, our Team ensures that the handling characteristics of delegate aircraft are understood as well as any non-standard recovery techniques, such as might be appropriate in an aircraft with a T-tail. Wherever possible the programme encompasses similar control inputs such that roll rates and G limits of delegate aircraft are respected in all recovery situations; in practice the airborne exercises are normally flown in the range of between +2.5G to +0.25G, with brief exposure to -1.0G for experience.

The Flight Instructor component of any UPRT programme is absolutely critical - we use highly experienced UPRT Instructors with commercial aircraft and military training to deliver training to delegates. This is carried out on a building block basis, gradually and progressively expanding each individual delegate’s exposure to the flight envelope in a manner that ensures they remain inside their personal comfort zone.  We have substantial experience in tailoring the programme for pilots who are particularly nervous or susceptible to air sickness.  Read more in our testimonials.

The feedback from our delegates has made it universally clear that they very strongly believe that the training is directly transferrable to their professional flying environment, and that they feel materially better equipped and more confident in avoiding, recognising and dealing with any future Upset event.

UPRT - Course details

  • 2-3 days, 4 flights in T67M260 Slingsby Firefly (with option of last trip on Extra 300L).

Prices are fully comprehensive and include:

  • All flights

  • Detailed pre-flight Briefs

  • Detailed post-flight Debriefs with written summaries

  • Review of current industry UPRT Academic knowledge and practice on UPRT

  • Review of delegate aircraft recovery techniques

  • All airfield fees, course materials, groundschool and case study materials

  • Loan of high quality headsets

  • One in-flight video

  • Certificate of Completion confirming compliance with FCL.745.A.

  • Post course memory stick of useful related material

Ground School / Theory based knowledge:

  • Review of Academic UPRT requirements

  • Case Study Review

  • Detailed Review of High Altitude Operations

  • Detailed Review of Human Factors and TEMs

On Aircraft Training

  • Steep and Maximum Rate Turns

  • Slow Flight

  • Stalling - Clean, power On and Off - Accelerated, Slipping, Skidding

  • Upset Recovery - Nose High, Nose Low, High Bank angle / Overbank,  From manoeuvre,  Trim runaways,  ‘Startled’

  • Spin – Incipient: Academic & from Manoeuvre

  • Spiral Dive

  • Wake Turbulence Recoveries​

  • Flight with Control Restrictions

We will happily work with organisations to deliver bespoke training to meet your specific needs. 

Please contact us for pricing.