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Ultimate High Academy Management Team

CEO - Mark Greenfield
  • After flying with the RAF, Mark worked as a Risk Manager with two leading US Investment Banks. An experienced civilian flight safety instructor, Mark returned to the military environment by running the world famous Empire Test Pilot School for QinetiQ at Boscombe Down.

  • Bringing cutting edge risk management expertise to the flight safety environment, Mark is increasingly recognised as an expert in UPRT delivery and development. 

  • He represented the UK on the EASA Rule Making Group that developed the new mandatory UPRT requirements for commercial pilots, and is regularly invited to present on UPRT at leading Flight Safety events, including the prestigious International Flight Crew Training conference at the RAeS, the EASA Flight Safety Conference in Luxembourg, the GAPAN Technical and Air Safety Committee, the FLYER Professional Flight Training Exhibition, the European ATO Symposium and European Airline Training Symposium in Berlin. 

Head of Training - Steve Johnson
  • As a former Training Captain and a recent Captain on the A330/340, Steve (Jos) brings a wealth of knowledge to the Head of Training position, including a number of the lessons on management of stress and pilot workload issues that were learnt during his time in the military (where he flew the Harrier and was Red Arrows Synchro Pair Lead).

  • He has been heavily involved in the development and implementation of UPRT and is one of the most experienced UPRT instructors in the UK, and, along with Chris Kingswood, has developed our Industry leading "Train the UPRT Trainer" programmes.

Head of Safety - Chris Kingswood
  • Chris has variously held the Flight Operations Manager, Operational & Training Standards post, and Chief Training Pilot for Europe's largest airline.  

  • His previous military experience includes being Chief Standards Officer for the Canadian Armed Forces and a Staff Instructor at the RAF's Central Flying School. 

  • Chris is a very experienced military C-130 operator and flying instructor, having qualified for the coveted and very rare A1 QFI rating. 

  • His massive training experience makes him an invaluable member of our management team, and he has been instrumental in helping to implement both our On-Aircraft and FSTD Train the UPRT Trainer programmes.

Director of Operations - Jo Greenfield

Jo has had a variety of project management and systems analyst roles across a range of industries and was Chief Administrative Officer for the Executive Office at a major US Investment Bank before she helped establish Ultimate High in 2001.  She now manages all of Ultimate High's operational and financial areas. 

Your UPRT Instructors

Gordon Harwell

Gordo flew Tornado GR1 based in Germany and operationally during Gulf War 1.  He was a missions systems trials officer for Jaguar/Tornado.  Since leaving the RAF, Gordo has flown Boeing 757/767 and 737 and is now a Training Captain with a major European airline on the Airbus A319 and A320.  As a senior TRI/TRE Gordo has been instrumental in developing our various FSTD UPRT programmes, including writing three year recurrent Sim UPRT programmes and delivering "Train the TRI UPRT Trainer" programmes.

Rich Esau

Rich was a first tour 'creamie' QFI on the Hawk at RAF Valley and then flew the Jaguar in reconnaissance and attack roles. He flew operationally over Bosnia and Northern Iraq.  Rich has flown both Airbus and Boeing aircraft commercially and has contributed materially to the implementation of our on-aircraft UPRT programmes.

Neil Jones

Neil is a former Fleet Air Arm Sea King and Sea Harrier pilot who now flies the Airbus A330/340.  Massively experienced, he flies as a Training Captain and is a current TRI/TRE for a major global airline.

Jim Gosling

Jim was an RAF Jaguar pilot and Hawk Weapons instructor before joining a well known UK airline where he flies the Airbus 320 and 330. Jim leads our  Human Factors specialism.  He is passionate about helping organisations improve their safety culture and for pilots to improve their handling skills throughout the flight envelope.

Margaret Cunningham

Mags flew the Falcon 20 providing electronic warfare training services for the RAF and took part in NATO exercises throughout the European theatre.  She is an experienced Airbus A320/321 Captain flying for a leading global airline. 

Paddy Bolton

Paddy is an experienced Airbus A320 operator and works as a training captain at a major European airline.  As a TRI/TRE he specialises in delivering and helping to design FSTD UPRT programmes.

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