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UPRT On-Aircraft Course Testimonials

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UPRT On-Aircraft Course Testimonials

from Airline Pilots, Business Jet Pilots and ATPLs


Airline Pilots

"UPRT on-aircraft training delivered in this way and to this programme has been one of the most powerful learning experiences in 31 years of flying for me. I would recommend it to fellow airline pilots at whatever stage in their career they are – there is much to learn!"
A319/320 Captain and HoT

"This course elevates UPRT training to a new level of understanding and confidence in the recognition and recovery of aeroplane upsets. A nominated person, crew training, asking themselves if they should include UPRT in their syllabus, should attend this course themselves to provide their answer."
CAA Flight operations and Training Inspector

"A hugely enjoyable and very rewarding course that has ingrained into me skills and knowledge that I will take away into the commercial world. So much more relevant an exercise than in the comfort of a commercial simulator."
A319 Captain

"The best training in my entire flying career. Very motivating instructors that build pilots’ confidence on managing the upsets."
B757/767 TRI

"I have always struggled with air sickness during strange manoeuvres and was initially worried that this would inhibit my ability to complete the course. However the instructors were fantastic and structured my training around my ability, minimising the airsickness but still managing to deliver all my required training to the best of standards."
E170/190 FO

"A fantastic experience – have seen aeroplane attitudes and parts of the flight envelope that I’ve never before experienced. The Instructors were excellent and ensured I built both the understanding, experience and confidence necessary to avoid getting into the situations in the first place – but if not, the ability to recognise and recover safely. Highly recommended!"
E170/190 FO

"All airline pilots need to do on-aircraft UPRT at a quality provider!"
A320 Captain

"UPRT in the Sim can only get you so far. There is no substitution for the real thing."
A319/B777/B787 Captain and TRI

"Thoroughly enjoyable and informative course providing a massively increased awareness of upsets and the recovery process. Fantastic instructors in a relaxed but professional environment."
A319/320 Captain

"An extremely relevant course covering all aspects of upset recovery appropriate to commercial operation as well as GA. The instructors are fantastic, highly experienced and reliable making sure you get the most out of each session. I am delighted to have been given the opportunity to attend the course and would wholeheartedly recommend to all pilots who have not received UPRT training to attend this course."
E170/190 FO

"A personally tailored approach to UPRT, professionally delivered by Mark and Jos."
B737 FO

"Excellent course, highlighting and demonstrating invaluable aspects of flying not covered in mainstream flying (instruction). Expertly delivered in a fun and professional environment."
Embraer190 FO

"Having completed an upset recovery course previously at APS in USA, I feel that Ultimate High offer a more comprehensive course."
B787 FO

"Brilliant course and team. The instructors tailored the course to each person which I highly appreciated!"
B777 FO

Business Jet pilots

"It was clear to be that we were being trained by the cream of British Aviation. The instruction content, style and passing of techniques was absolutely first class – an outstanding safety training experience."
Chief Pilot Business Jet operation

"Bloody wonderful!"
Rolls-Royce Plc Director Flight Operations


"This was one of the best courses ever had! I believe that it builds up pilots’ confidence and techniques. It is so important to see and practice all you have learned from the books in reality! I strongly recommend to every pilot regardless of age and experience to attend this course."
G550 Captain

"I came to the course with deep misgivings from a previous UPRT experience that I can only say was terrifying! I was pleasantly surprised by the training that I received with Ultimate High, who went out of their way to make the training as comfortable and beneficial as possible – I would go as far as saying that I enjoyed the experience."
Eclipse 500 Captain

"Excellent course, well delivered, great training."
G450 FO


  • "Invaluable exposure to a wide range of potentially dangerous scenarios. The course brings theoretical training and knowledge of upsets a lot further with the practical demonstrations. Outstanding Instruction.  Very good detailed pre/post flight brief which built my confidence and competence in the air."

  • "Professional training in a relaxed atmosphere. High quality instruction, delivered in a practical manner."

  • "The course overall is fantastic. The wealth of experience and knowledge the Instructors have is unparalleled. I feel I have learned and developed key skills which I can carry forward into my airline career."

  • "I felt this course was excellent, by far the most enjoyable, informative and rewarding of all my flight training thus far."

  • "Excellent course, highlighting and demonstrating invaluable aspects of flying not covered in mainstream training. Expertly delivered in a fun and professional environment."

  • “Increases your confidence and comfort flying any airplane.”

  • “Lots of fun and an amazing experience. The instructors have lots of experience and an amazing depth of knowledge and are the real strength behind the course.”

  • “Very impressive course, and the flying experience has been the best I have ever had.”

  • “The quality of the briefing and especially the debriefing was incredibly useful.”

  • “The Ultimate High ALART UPRT programme was exceptional and was the most useful flying training I have ever experienced.”

  • “My ability to recover from a UP is materially improved now, but even more important are my new skills in avoiding and recognising (UPs).”

  • “Really enjoyable – I’ve never enjoyed any flying training as much as the ALART UPRT course!”

  • “The quality of the technical briefs and the information gained ‘in the margins’ from very experienced senior pilots further improve the excellent value of the training”

  • “Really good course for Upset Recovery Training. Ultimate High gave me the right preparation to avoid, recognise and to recover from all Ups, stalls and incipient spins”

  • "I understand the theory behind re-attaching the airflow to the wing post stall, but really hadn't appreciated that a simple unload will get the aeroplane flying again. And it works every time!"

  • “The instructors are incredible persons and pilots, all of them had military backgrounds and most of them currently fly with an airline.”

  • "Having been taught to apply 1/2g with a previous training provider - which was great when I had a G-meter in front of me, yet pretty worthless a few months later in my own mount with no G-meter - I found the UH approach far more useful. This time I'm leaving a UPRT course confident that the value will stay with me."

  • "The team made it clear that one of the objectives of the training was to increase our handling confidence. Job done!"

  •  “Better and more pertinent than the course I had previously attended at APS.”

  •  “What I really liked is how the instructors relate what we do back to flying commercial aircraft, and how the recovery techniques we learn are not different on big airplanes. So the techniques we learned can also be applied to the commercial airplanes we will fly.”

  • "The quality of the aircraft and general organisation, the course instruction, the pre and post flight briefings and the theoretical instruction were absolutely outstanding.  I'm now toying with the idea of booking the aeros course as I would love to come back and develop."

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