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We operate 3x T67M260 Slingsby Firefly aircraft to instruct UPRT.  With a 260bhp high performance engine, and free air space close to Goodwood, this means that you will get maximum benefit from your time in the air.

With side-by-side seating, this is also a far more suitable environment for instruction compared to a tandem arrangement.


The T67M260 is an aerobatic training aircraft built for the military to train pilots before moving onto fast jets.  They were used by the RAF between 1995 and 2010, and are still currently in use by several air forces round the world. 

It has a tricycle undercarriage with one wheel on the nose and two behind on the wings.  Unusually for side-by-side light aircraft,T67M260s were produced to be flown solo from the right-hand seat to allow student pilots to immediately get used to the left-hand throttle found in most military aircraft.

Max Speed                  195 knots (224 mph)
Max Rate of Climb       1400 feet/minute
Engine                         260 bhp Lycoming Flat 6

Max Take Off Weight   1157kg

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