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UPRT Consultancy Services

Ultimate High Academy - Our UPRT Advisory Services


We provide a variety of turnkey and bespoke UPRT Advisory and Consultancy services which have been praised by clients and Regulators.


Examples of our UPRT Advisory Services can be found below. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


1. Development of detailed Recurrent FSTD (Simulator) UPRT Programmes

  • Some airlines have an outline 3-year UPRT Sim programme in place but don’t yet have the detailed exercises developed to deliver truly effective training.

  • The Ultimate High Academy has created a detailed 3 year / 6 Sim session programme that not just covers ALL of the UPRT regulatory requirements but also includes training that will help to deliver pilot resilience in avoiding, recognising and recovering from Flight Upsets.

  • Feedback has included "Easily the best and most comprehensive UPRT programme we have seen’ and ‘The benchmark against which all other UPRT programmes will be judged."


2. Development/Improvement of Initial UPRT programmes for ATOs

  • Most ATOs delivering UPRT now have some form of UPRT element in their initial FSTD delivery. Our experience is that these vary considerably in standard and suitability; some do not comply with existing regulatory minimum requirements, and many can be materially improved. 

  • We can review and improve existing programmes, and ensure that they at least meet regulatory requirements and ideally deliver high quality training.

  • We can also help establish bespoke UPRT curriculums for ATOs that do not already have such programmes in place. 

  • One Head of Training commented "We were delighted to discover that Ultimate High's holistic approach to UPRT - incorporating substantial focuses on CRM, communication, human factors, TEM and building layers of defence to enable pilots to deliver resilience whilst also "keeping it simple" - has substantial read across to many aspects of how we as an ATO deliver training.  This is so much more than pure UPRT."

3. Audit of your existing UPRT Programme(s)

  • Regulators have issued a variety of missives around UPRT, several of which refer to external studies and publications.

  • A full understanding of the actual requirements – and understanding of the spirit as well as the letter of the regulations – is challenging without a detailed understanding of what has transpired.

  • As the market expert in UPRT, with substantial experience in delivering this training since 2001 and as part of EASA RMT.0581 that has defined the regulations and requirements around UPRT, the Ultimate High Academy is perfectly positioned to audit your UPRT Programmes. This can also include, where appropriate, suggesting Alternative Means of Compliance.

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