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On-Aircraft UPRT for new ATPLs - FCL.745.A

  • All pilots studying for an ATPL and pilots undergoing their first type rating course in multi-pilot operations, are now required to undergo the Advanced UPRT course FCL.745.A.

  • Existing commercial pilots (ATPL/CPL/MPL) will not be required to undergo the advanced UPRT course.  However, some organisations will choose to have some or all of their existing pilots undertake this training.

  • Guidance Material (GM) and Acceptable Means of Compliance (AMC) were published in February 2019.  The Ultimate High Academy represented UK ATOs as part of RMG.0581 which established these regulatory guidelines.

  • The training requirement under FCL.745.A is 3 hours of actual UPRT.  Any activities not directly associated with UPRT such as taxy, transit, circuits, approaches etc will not count towards this 3 hours. 

  • Pilots with aerobatic experience have no exemptions from the Advanced UPRT course.  Whilst such pilots may be less impacted by the physiological aspects of the training, the UPRT Syllabus is materially different and in fact includes no standard aerobatic manoeuvres. 

On-Aircraft Advanced UPRT Training - view course details

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