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UPRT - Computer based Academic Training


UPRT - Computer Based Academic Training


High quality academic training is a key weapon in mitigating the risks associated with Loss of Control In Flight.  The experience of our staff is that many delegates, including very experienced pilots, can be somewhat rusty when it comes to the UPRT subjects studied.

This is a full eLearning Computer Training Package (CBT) specifically designed to increase pilot awareness and knowledge of the conditions and situations that might lead to the development of Flight Upsets.  Fully compliant with the Industry Standard Airplane Upset Prevention & Recovery Training Aid - Revision 3 (AUPRTA).

CBT eLearning course content:

  • Aerodynamics with particular focus on Angle of Attack

  • Causes and contributing factors of Upsets

  • Safety review of Upset accidents & incidents 

  • G-awareness

  • Energy and Flight path management

  • Early recognition of potential or impending Upset

  • Upset prevention and recovery techniques

  • System(s) malfunction

  • High Altitude Operational factors

  • Human factors and TEMs​

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