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The UK's Leading Flight Safety Academy

Goodwood Aerodrome, Chichester, West Sussex PO18 0PH, UK

Tel: +44 1243 913 916


UPRT Bridge Training - an introduction or refresher for current ATPLs or CPLs

This 1 day abridged UPRT course includes 2 flights (2 hours of flying) in the T67M260 and 2-3 hours of ground school.

Academic Training

1.    UPRT Philosophy – The mantra of Avoid, Recognise, Recover
2.    Criticality of academic/practical knowledge, especially AoA
3.    Understanding what a Flight Upset is and isn’t
4.    How to AVOID Flight Upsets – causes, awareness, TEM, automation mode confusion
5.    How to RECOGNISE Flight Upsets – understanding what ‘normal’ looks like, and why pilots lose SA
6.    How to RECOVER from Flight Upsets – Recovery strategies 
7.    Review of counter-intuitive recovery actions and associated challenges
8.    Managing Startle and Fear – the biggest challenge of all
9.    Simplifying Flight Upset Recovery – KISS.
10.  Developing resilience – building layers of UPRT protection and the UH Coping Funnel

On Aircraft Training

•    Steep and Maximum Rate Turns
•    Slow Flight at Vs1g – level turns; turning and climbing/descending
•    Stalling - Clean, power On and Off
                  - Accelerated
                  - Go-arounds

                  - Cross-Control
•    Upset Recovery
                  - Nose High / Wings level and banked, high & low speed
                  - Nose Low / Wings level and banked, high & low speed
                  - High Bank angle / Overbank
                  - From manoeuvre and Ballistic (vertical)
                  - Trim runaways
•    Spin
                  - Incipient
                  - Spiral Dive
•    Wake Turbulence Recoveries
•    Human Factors - Situational Awareness
                   - Startle & Stress Response
                   - Threat & Error Management
                   - Crew Resource Management in the GA environment

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