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Goodwood Aerodrome, Chichester, West Sussex PO18 0PH, UK

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All commercial airlines are required to include recurrent FSTD UPRT over the normal 3 year Simulator Programme.  Whilst there are psychological and physiological limitations of delivering UPRT in an FSTD, this training delivers genuine benefits in increasing the likelihood of recoveries from flight upsets.

The value of FSTD UPRT is entirely dependent upon the quality of the instructors.  EASA has defined the requirements for UPRT TRIs but many organisations pay lip-service to fulfilling these.  With many TRIs having had no personal experience of genuine flight upsets in commercial or training aircraft, the value of the training delivered may not be the best.  EASA suggests that the value of this training would be enhanced if UPRT TRIs undergo on-aircraft UPRT.


We deliver “Train the UPRT TRI Trainer” courses that materially enhance the quality and the value of UPRT delivered in FSTDs.  This is comprised of a four hour session on a Flight Simulator Training Device which follows on naturally from our UPRT On-Aircraft exercises and includes all of the key requirements and concepts made in the Industry standard Airplane Upset Prevention & Recovery Training Aid – Revision 3 (AUPRTA).

  • Upset Prevention & Awareness Exercises

  • Roll Performance Demonstration

  • Stall Recovery and Envelope Awareness

  • Unusual Position Recovery Exercises

  • High Altitude Thrust-Limited Condition Exercises

  • Awareness and Prevention: Situational Awareness Development, Developing Pilot Resilience

  • Crew Resource Management and All-Attitude Upset Recovery Strategies 

Delegates of the ‘Train the Trainer’ package will normally have attended our on-aircraft UPRT course.  For this programme Trainers will review and adapt their Simulator Training packages to more effectively deliver UPRT expertise.


If required, we can spend a day with the delegates on their own organisation’s FSTDs to test and sample revisions to in-house training packages.


​Price TBC by Aircraft Sim required.