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The UK's Leading Flight Safety Academy

Goodwood Aerodrome, Chichester, West Sussex PO18 0PH, UK

Tel: +44 1243 913 916


Academic Classroom based Training for TRIs and TREs


This one day course is recommended for TRIs and TREs delivering UPRT. 


An example syllabus of a recent Airbus Academic "Train the Trainer" programme is given below. 


  1. Why UPRT?

  2. UPRT Philosophy – The mantra of Avoid, Recognise, Recover

  3. Value of Integrated Training and criticality of academic and practical knowledge

  4. Requirements for FSTD UPRT Instructors – real world and regulatory

  5. Understanding what a Flight Upset is and isn’t

  6. Teaching how to AVOID Flight Upsets – causes, awareness, TEM, automation mode confusion

  7. Teaching how to RECOGNISE Flight Upsets – understanding what ‘normal’ looks like, and why crews lose SA

  8. Teaching how to RECOVER from Flight Upsets – Recovery strategies as advocated by the OEMS 

  9. OEM recovery recommendations in detail - and company QRH differences. Airbus 4 Golden Rules 

  10. Review of counter-intuitive recovery actions and associated challenges

  11. Alternative Control Strategies – rudder hardovers, jammed elevator/ailerons, trim runaways

  12. The challenges of delivering UPRT in FSTDs; limitations, VTE, physiological and physiological factors, use of IOS, avoiding negative training and negative transfer of training

  13. Scenario Based Training and Manoeuvre Based Training in UPRT; frequent repetition of MBT to counteract Primacy of Training

  14. Human factors in UPRT

  15. CRM and UPRT – probably the most overlooked aspect; the criticality of ‘Say and Do’ recoveries, sidestick priority

  16. Managing Startle and Fear – the biggest challenge of all?

  17. High Altitude UPRT Issues

  18. Simplifying Flight Upset Recovery – KISS; the way the OEMS will go in the future?

  19. Developing resilience – building layers of UPRT protection and the UH Coping Funnel

  20. Evidence Based Training: Core Competencies and Behavioural Indicators

  21. Recurrent UPRT FSTD

  22. UPRT Sim Exercises

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