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UPRT TRI - Academic Training

Academic Classroom based Training for TRIs and TREs


This one day course is recommended for TRIs and TREs delivering UPRT. 


An example syllabus of an Airbus Academic "Train the Trainer" programme is given below. 


  1. Why UPRT?

  2. UPRT Philosophy – The mantra of Avoid, Recognise, Recover

  3. Value of Integrated Training and criticality of academic and practical knowledge

  4. Requirements for FSTD UPRT Instructors – real world and regulatory

  5. Understanding what a Flight Upset is and isn’t

  6. Teaching how to AVOID Flight Upsets – causes, awareness, TEM, automation mode confusion

  7. Teaching how to RECOGNISE Flight Upsets – understanding what ‘normal’ looks like, and why crews lose SA

  8. Teaching how to RECOVER from Flight Upsets – Recovery strategies as advocated by the OEMS 

  9. OEM recovery recommendations in detail - and company QRH differences. Airbus 4 Golden Rules 

  10. Review of counter-intuitive recovery actions and associated challenges

  11. Alternative Control Strategies – rudder hardovers, jammed elevator/ailerons, trim runaways

  12. The challenges of delivering UPRT in FSTDs; limitations, VTE, physiological and physiological factors, use of IOS, avoiding negative training and negative transfer of training

  13. Scenario Based Training and Manoeuvre Based Training in UPRT; frequent repetition of MBT to counteract Primacy of Training

  14. Human factors in UPRT

  15. CRM and UPRT – probably the most overlooked aspect; the criticality of ‘Say and Do’ recoveries, sidestick priority

  16. Managing Startle and Fear – the biggest challenge of all?

  17. High Altitude UPRT Issues

  18. Simplifying Flight Upset Recovery – KISS; the way the OEMS will go in the future?

  19. Developing resilience – building layers of UPRT protection and the UH Coping Funnel

  20. Evidence Based Training: Core Competencies and Behavioural Indicators

  21. Recurrent UPRT FSTD

  22. UPRT Sim Exercises

Please contact us for more information.

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